Bow Hairband - Scarlet
Bow Hairband - Scarlet
Lynsey Walters

Bow Hairband - Scarlet

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I used to make LOTS of these hairbands - but gave them a rest when JoJo Bows became super popular - never being one to follow a fad!

Anyway the fad seems to have past so I thought I'd bring my bows back. The bows are made from beautiful merino wool industrial felt - because the felt is 3 mm thick the bows will keep there perfect tied look forever! 

They are attached to a scarlet satin covered hairband. If they prove popular again I will bring back more colours.

The bow size is 14 cm long - 4.5 cm wide - 4.5 cm tall

It's an adult sized headband but I find it fits little kids too, my daughter wore one from the age of 3 or 4.

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